Jan Brewer Gets An Earful From Obama In Ariz

We got to meet Jan Brewer.

Jan Brewer Gets An Earful From Obama In Ariz: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer came to greet President Obama upon his arrival outside Phoenix Wednesday. What she got was a critique. Of her book.

The two leaders could be seen engaged in an intense conversation at the base of Air Force One’s steps. Both could be seen smiling, but speaking at the same time.

Asked moments later what the conversation was about, Brewer, a Republican, said, “He was a little disturbed about my book.”

Brewer recently published a book, “Scorpions for Breakfast,” something of a memoir of her years growing up, and defends her signing of Arizona’s controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants, which Obama opposes.

Obama was objecting to Brewer’s description of a meeting he and Brewer had at the White House, where she described Obama as lecturing her. In an interview in November Brewer described two tense meetings. The first took place before his commencement address at Arizona State University. “He did blow me off at ASU,” she said in the television interview in November. Continue Reading…


Mitch Daniels Republican Party

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Mitch Daniels Republican Party: Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) gave a perfectly serviceable speech last night. It was a bit dull, maybe, but it wasn’t a wrenching exercise in self-humiliation. Which is to say, by the standards of post-SOTU responses, it was a stunning, historic success. But it was also a reminder of the difficulties Daniels, a fantasy-draft presidential pick for many Republicans, would face if he entered the campaign.“When President Obama claims that the state of our union is anything but grave,” Daniels said, “he must know in his heart that this is not true.” And the reason for Daniels’ gloom was debt. We have too much of it. Much too much of it. And over and again, Daniels signaled that Republicans were not blameless in the rise of red ink. “The President did not cause the economic and fiscal crises that continue in America tonight,” he said. “To make such action happen, we also must work, in ways we Republicans have not always practiced, to bring Americans together,” he admitted. Continue Reading…

Boehner’s State Of The Union Guest List Highlights Keystone Advocates

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R)

Boehner’s State Of The Union Guest List Highlights Keystone  Advocates: House Speaker John Boehner’s guests at tonight’s State of the Union address include proponents of the Keystone XL pipeline that President Obama rejected earlier this month.

Boehner’s decision to invite backers of the controversial $7 billion, 1,700 mile underground oil pipeline is meant to hammer home Republican opposition to Mr. Obama’s decision to block the construction of the trans-national pipeline, which would link the tar sands fields of northern Alberta to oil refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Early look at Mr. Obama’s State of the Union speech:

Republicans say the TransCanada Pipeline would create 20,000 jobs (though that figure is hotly contested) and lessen America’s dependence on foreign oil. They vowed at their annual Republican retreat last week to keep up the pressure on Mr. Obama to approve the pipeline.

Boehner says the president is responsible for “destroying tens of thousands of American jobs and shipping American energy security to the Chinese” by blocking the pipeline, at least temporarily. At a news conference today, he said “The president’s policies have made our economy worse.”

Mr. Obama decided last week to block the pipeline from moving forward, saying there was not enough time for an environmental review of the project by a Congress-enforced deadline. The administration originally planned to put off a decision until after the 2012 elections, but Congress forced his hand in December when Mr. Obama was seeking an extension of the payroll tax cut, setting a short-term deadline for a decision. Continue Reading…

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Obama Equality In SOTU Speech

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Obama Equality In SOTU Speech: U.S. unemployment rate was 8.5% in December., President of the modern age that won re-election with higher rate.

Obama’s rhetoric and partisan reaction to your audience last year when the two parties was overtly than seeking a tone
Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona civility democratic legislators in the wake of the assassination attempt. As he made his way to the Forum the evening’s most emotional moment, Obama embraced warmly, Congresswoman Giffords. who shot in the head, he was retiring from Congress announced Sunday after a remarkable recovery. In response to a protest by Congress, Giffords riven bipartisan enthusiasm was one of only a few moments. Democrat Ann to massive cheer, and Obama “oppose with obstacle.” while sitting in stony silence vowed Republican but when Obama said all domestic energy sources to appreciated by both sides. Obama speech “Billionaire Warren Buffett, who says that she is a Secretary at the rate of the so-called unfair, Buffett’s rule” to rewrite the tax code to phone is resurrected. In a year than those with at least 30% will pay an effective tax rate of $ 1m and finished your tax deduction. Continue Reading…

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